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Fire Eductor Drafters Needed!

A fire eductor drafter will allow the Tightwad Fire Protection District to tap into water supplies like ponds, streams, and swimming pools up to 250’ away to generate flows of water up to 670 GPM or more.

Fire eductors are used primarily for accessing static water sources that are then used to fill tankers during water shuttle operations, fire scene overhaul after the fire is out but still smoldering, dewatering of low- lying areas, or even for direct fire attack.

Metal box in a pond with two fire hoses coming out of the box
The District needs 2 fire eductors--one for each fire station

Fire eductors are recognized by the insurance industry as an alternative method of providing water for firefighting and will allow the District to reduce the number of tankers it owns and the costs to insure, maintain and operate an excessive number of tankers--and the extra personnel the insurance industry expects to operate so many tankers.

A fire eductor costs about $4,100 with shipping and the District needs two fire educators--one for each fire station.  That's $8,200 for two fire educators.

Please consider a donation for part of a fire eductor, one fire eductor, or both fire eductors.  Donors of an entire fire educator will have their name put on the educator purchased with their donation.

Put “educator” in the memo line of your donation check and mail to the District at 11585 East Highway 7, Tightwad, Missouri 64735 or click here to make a secure, online donation.


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