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Insurance Reduction

To reduce homeowner and business insurance premiums, the District is in the process of inviting the insurance industry to conduct a field audit of the community's capability to response to a house fire or business on fire.

The insurance industry, represented by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), has a Public Protection Classification (PPC) system that after a field audit assigns a number from 1 to 10 to a community--a 1 being the best possible protection and 10 being the worst possible protection. Communities with a Class 10 pay the highest possible insurance premiums while communities with a Class 1 pay the least possible insurance premiums.

The Tightwad Fire Protection District is a Class 10 because until recently the District did not have a pumper truck capable of pumping enough water for a structure fire. 

The Fire Chief is working with the National Fire Services Office (NFSO) to evaluate and assist the District to reduce it's ISO classification, first from a 10 to a 9 and then a 9 all the way down to hopefully a 6!

Click here to read the initial assessment report from NFSO.

It is estimated that the community will collectively save between $170K-$255K--money that will stay in the community instead of going to the insurance companies.  Individual home and business owners would save an estimted $250-$500 per year. The Leesville R-IX School District should also see signficant reduction in premiums to protect the School District's buildings.

Unfortunately, residents beyond 5 miles form the fire station in Tightwad will continue to be class 10 until a pumper is purchased for the fire station in Coal (see the map below).

Map of Southeast Henry County, Missouri with areas shaded indicating 5 driving miles from fire stations in Coal and Tightwad, Missouri


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