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Mae Nelson

Position: Treasurer
Term: 2022-2024
Appointing Authority: Board of Directors
Mailing Address:
11585 E Highway 7, Tightwad, MO 64735-9298
Woman smiling with glasses in front of trees wearing a dress with necklace
Treasurer Mae Nelson










The Board of Directors first elected Mae as Treasurer in 2022 and is serving as Treasurer until 2024.

The Treasurer is a 2-year term and does not have to be a Director.

Following Missouri State statutes and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for governmental accounting, the District Treasurer:

  • Must be bonded
  • Be Custodian of District money in different funds required by principles, law, or authorized by Board
  • Keep permanent records of District money received & disbursed
  • Presents bills for Board approval, unless payment authority already granted
  • Informs the Board if a payment will exceed budgeted amount
  • Ensures all bank accounts, open merchant accounts, & credit card accounts are reconciled
  • Presents written monthly reports
  • Ensures federal, state, and local tax forms are filled, e.g., 1099s
  • Prepares fiscal year financial reports for the District's auditor or Board
  • Fulfill any District’s financial reporting covenants with lenders, bond holders, lessors, & patrons
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